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No matter if you are a family with pets, a professional groomer or member of an animal welfare organization, 11pets has a version for you!
Free and without internet connection being necessary.

Caring for the needs and health of our pets can get complicated sometimes. At 11pets, we are a big family of animal enthusiasts and have developed the best digital platform to help you better care for your pets.

11pets has 3 versions and you can select the one that best fits you:
•  11pets: Pet Care for families with pets
•  11pets: Groomer for professional groomers
•  11pets: Adopt for shelters and animal welfare organizations

11pets: Pet Care

It is the most complete digital pet-care platform. It offers everything you might need to better care for your pets including reminders for all care tasks, medical history and data sharing.

The platform has 50+ features specifically designed to help you with everything:
•  Vaccination and deworming reminders
•  Complete medical history
•  Sharing your pet’s data with your veterinarian or pet-sitter
•  Reminders for medications and food
•  Copy of your data to the 11pets: Cloud
•  Photo gallery

Caring for your pet has never been so easy. Join the more than 500.000 families that are already using the 11pets app to care for their pets.

11pets: Groomer

It has been designed by groomers for groomers and will help you save time and improve your customer service. It is the most complete grooming application available in the market with more than 40 features to help you with your day to day.

Among others, 11pets: Groomer offers:
•  Automatic appointment reminders
•  Communication with the customers
•  Electronic appointments
•  Pet and customer records
•  Detailed grooming records
•  Management of invoicing and electronic receipts

With 11pets: Groomer you will significantly improve your customer service, save time and work with convenience. The app will handle all overheads and let you focus on what you really enjoy.

11pets: Adopt
If you collaborate with an animal welfare organization, 11pets: Adopt is for you. It is the most advanced shelter management software available today. With more than 60 features for the management of your shelter, you will be able to increase the adoptions, save time and organize better.

Among others, 11pets: Adopt allows you to:
•  Keep detailed information about the animals, volunteers and adopters
•  Maintain complete medical and veterinary records
•  Keep the whereabouts and legal situation of the animals
•  Have automatically generated adoption contracts
•  Get reminded for every task
•  Have automatically handled web presence
•  Have detailed statistics

With 11pets: Adopt you can manage all the details of your organization: animals, volunteers, adoptions and web presence. The automatic scheduling and reminders for everything will help you get better organized and save time. You can collaborate with the different members of your organization and access your data both from your mobile device or from the web.



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11pets: app Pet care

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